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The D3 SmartParts Collection is six library sets with over 1200 highly flexible and realistic objects for creating virtual buildings. Since 1992 when the first Real Doors & Windows were released, many longtime ArchiCAD users have regarded D3 SmartParts as the most complete and useful libraries available for ArchiCAD.

D3 Real Doors & Windows
D3 Real Kitchen & Bath
D3 Trim Mouldings & Stairs
D3 Home Furniture
D3 Office Furniture
D3 Store Planner
D3 EasyGDL

Feature List for D3 SmartParts Collection include:
* Preview Pictures for quick display in settings windows, open dialog boxes, and the Cumulus visual database.
* Many objects can be stretched vertically in the 3D Window.
* Several objects have the new Pop-out selection for preset variables and styles in setting boxes.
* Users can utilize the custom name input in some object settings for calling user-customized macro objects in the setting box.
* Parametric 2D plan symbols provide accurate coordination between 2D and 3D.
* A new Reference Manual includes thumbnail pictures of all libraries and step-by-step guide for using and customizing many of the objects.

--D3 Real Doors & Windows--
* Eight new doors have many options including sidelights and transoms, several arch shapes, both single and double units in one object, overhead doors with arches, multiple panel sliding doors, bifold, pocket, a surface sliding door for elevators and barns, and a folding door with a pocket option.
* Door handles can be individually defined inside and out.
* Infills and panels include flat glass, raised panels, louvers, picture mapped (i.e. stained glass) and user created from standard ArchiCAD tools.
* Customizable door panels and window grilles can be created using a kit-of-parts for raised panels, louvers and grille patterns in an easy-to-use plan file. Simply configure and save as a regular GDL object with any name to be typed in a setting within the door or window object.
* Window types include stationary, awning, hopper, casement, double/triplehung, and glider.
* Window combinations include picture with single or double flankers, stacking with two or three units, bay, and bow.
* Opening shapes include full arches, partial arch, half arch, Gothic arch, gable, chamfer, fillet, triangle, trapezoid, polygon and full circle.
* Fully operable windows can be ganged limitlessly and can wrap around curved walls.
* Unlimited repetitions of windows horizontally and vertically with definable spacers in between.
* Corner windows at any angle, either butt-glazed or mitered frame.
* Curtain wall system to work as window, door or as stand-alone object.
* Skylights: rectangular, dome, and pyramid.
* Integrated symbol marker with user-definable shape using the ID code.
* Trim profiles from the D3 Trim Mouldings & Stairs library.
* Different material colors inside and out for trim, frames, and panels.
* Walls can be cut, i.e. angled rake, within the door or window opening "bounding box" without problems.
* Window 2D symbols can be turned off.

--D3 Real Kitchen & Bath--
* NEW highly configurable cabinets with integrated sink and faucet, multiple doors and drawers, customizable panels, knobs and handles.
* NEW integrated countertop with seamless sides and back, adjustable overhang, independent edge color and adjustable backsplash, sidesplash.
* NEW upscale appliances with matching panels and several options.
* NEW wine racks and undercounter wine cooler with random bottles.
* Corner cabinets, built-in oven cabinets, and specialty cabinets and whatnot shelves.
* Shower bases & enclosures and plumbing fixtures.
* Multiple sink countertop.
* Medicine cabinets & mirrors.
* Kitchen and bath accessories.

--D3 Trim Mouldings & Stairs--
* NEW quick and easy custom moulding tool to create a profile anywhere in plan and miter both horizontally and vertically.
* Classical column can be cut any angle and has two base styles and three shaft styles including flutes.
* Straight, curved, spiral and arched trim.
* Over 70 standard trim shapes used in a variety of path shapes.
* Full miter control for inside and outside corners and vertical angles.
* Change trim profile styles without affecting size and orientation.
* 3 levels of smoothness.
* Trim one to four sides with one only part.
* Vertical trim frame with three or four sides for doors and artwork.
* Rosettes and plinth blocks.
* Stair steps - straight or curve - with optional round nosing and cove and open or closed stair stringers.
* 11 Baluster styles, 8 newel post styles, and 15 railing profiles with volute and gooseneck rail ends.
* Wainscot with board & bead and raised panels.
* Square and turned posts.
* 7 Bracket styles.

--D3 Home Furniture--
Over 200 parametric objects for living, dining, and sleeping with classic, everyday furniture for making your designed space feel at home.
* NEW 9 classic chairs for a total of 32 chairs - couches, love seats, chairs, stools and rockers.
* NEW 5 tables for a total of 14 tables.
* NEW lamps - table, wall sconces and hanging.
* Dining tables have adjustable tablecloth with complete dining place settings.
* Four types of bed frames in standard sizes.
* Clocks - grandfather, mantel, and wall - with definable time.
* Upright piano and a baby grand piano that stretches to a concert grand.
* Flowers in vases and plants in pots.
* Framed pictures with user defined picture images
* Oriental rugs with four designs.
* Outdoor furniture.
* Electronic equipment - TVs with user defined picture images, stereo components, and speakers.
* Build your own china cabinet or armoire using modular storage components including base, drawers, doors, and cap.

--D3 Office Furniture--
Over 130 parametric objects to outfit any size business environment.
* NEW conference tables.
* Traditional desks and credenzas.
* Fully parametric modular wall panels to meet any manufacture's office system, featuring curved, sloped and glass configurations with optional label code display.
* Modular desktop systems for any shape or angle configuration.
* File cabinets - lateral, letter and legal in all standard heights.
* Shelves and door/drawer cabinets.
* Chairs for task, drafting, executive, side and reception.
* Computers with parametrically configured monitors and keyboards.
* Copier, fax, scanner, phone, and a variety of desk accessories.

--D3 Store Planner--
* NEW gondola display rack with adjustable shelves.
* NEW clothes and accessories.
* Fully operable racks with optional clothes display: four-way, two-way, super quad, straight and round racks.
* Slatwall and Gridwall systems with Faceouts, Waterfalls, Hooks.
* Standards and brackets.
* Display and cashwrap cabinets.

--D3 EasyGDL--
* A dozen primitive shapes that can be rotated and resized to use by themselves or in combination to make new objects.
* EasyPicture can automatically rotate to the camera to illustrate people and trees in photorenderings.

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