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D3 Real Doors & Windows combine intelligent GDL parametrics with real world dimensions and details. See materials with true thicknesses. Select from dozens of door and window styles commonly used in commercial and residential projects. Add details like knobs or levers and choose material colors. Adjust trim without increasing opening size. Test a variety of glazing bar patterns. Operable doors and windows set the stage for capturing the feeling of reality. Perspectives will look more real and elevations more complete when you use 3D doors and windows just like their real counterparts.

* Eight new doors have many options including sidelights and transoms, several arch shapes, both single and double units in one object, overhead doors with arches, multiple panel sliding doors, bifold, pocket, a surface sliding door for elevators and barns, and a folding door with a pocket option.

* Door handles can be individually defined inside and out.

* Infills and panels include flat glass, raised panels, louvers, picture mapped (i.e. stained glass) and user created from standard ArchiCAD tools.

* Customizable door panels and window grilles can be created using a kit-of-parts for raised panels, louvers and grille patterns in an easy-to-use plan file. Simply configure and save as a regular GDL object with any name to be typed in a setting within the door or window object.

* Window types include stationary, awning, hopper, casement, double/triplehung, and glider.

* Window combinations include picture with single or double flankers, stacking with two or three units, bay, and bow.

* Opening shapes include full arches, partial arch, half arch, Gothic arch, gable, chamfer, fillet, triangle, trapezoid, polygon and full circle.

* Fully operable windows can be ganged limitlessly and can wrap around curved walls.

* Unlimited repetitions of windows horizontally and vertically with definable spacers in between.

* Corner windows at any angle, either butt-glazed or mitered frame.

* Curtain wall system to work as window, door or as stand-alone object.

* Skylights: rectangular, dome, and pyramid.

* Integrated symbol marker with user-definable shape using the ID code.

* Trim profiles from the D3 Trim Mouldings & Stairs library.

* Different material colors inside and out for trim, frames, and panels.

* Walls can be cut, i.e. angled rake, within the door or window opening "bounding box" without problems.

* Window 2D symbols can be turned off.

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