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D3 Trim+Stairs is a comprehensive set of details for interiors and exteriors. One piece trim objects, stretchable and mitered trim parts in 2D and 3D, conform to the standards of the millwork industry. A cross reference part number guide will aide in selecting the right profile section. The list is extensive, but easy to use: baseboards, chair rails, crowns, coves, door and window casings, picture frames, corner beads, handrails, spindles, newel posts, columns, finials, rosettes, plinth blocks, and wainscot paneling. A must for anyone who has ever tried to use the wall or slab tool for detailing trim.

* NEW quick and easy custom moulding tool to create a profile anywhere in plan and miter both horizontally and vertically.

* Classical column can be cut any angle and has two base styles and three shaft styles including flutes.

* Straight, curved, spiral and arched trim.

* Over 70 standard trim shapes used in a variety of path shapes.

* Full miter control for inside and outside corners and vertical angles.

* Change trim profile styles without affecting size and orientation.

* 3 levels of smoothness.

* Trim one to four sides with one only part.

* Vertical trim frame with three or four sides for doors and artwork.

* Rosettes and plinth blocks.

* Stair steps - straight or curve - with optional round nosing and cove and open or closed stair stringers.

* 11 Baluster styles, 8 newel post styles, and 15 railing profiles with volute and gooseneck rail ends.

* Wainscot with board & bead and raised panels.

* Square and turned posts.

* 7 Bracket styles.

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